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Ruth’s Super Sweet 16

Birthday Party 3:21

An amazing night filled with fun, laughter, violin performances, and lots of dancing! There was even a couple of surprise dances and musical performances that were really captivating. Happy Sweet 16 Ruth!!

Industrial Cleaning Lines System |

Industrial Parts Washer 2018 1:20

Created this video for Automated Cleaning Technologies to show off one of their newest industrial cleaning lines systems. Their state of the art machine allows companies to be able to wash large pipes with ease.

Custom Fixture Manufacturing |

Automated Cleaning Technologies 1:03

Promotional marketing video for Automated Cleaning Technologies, that shows off their specialties in custom fixture manufacturing, engineering and fabricating custom purpose-built automated parts cleaning systems.

Video Tutorials & Announcements

Making Your Life Easier

Bulbasaur’s Epic Gender

Reveal Video 2018 1:15

Can you think of a better way to celebrate Easter 2018 than with Bulbasaur’s epic gender reveal video!! We are proud to introduce everyone to the newest addition to the #BenitesClan, BULBASAUR!!

Edit Your Photoshop Template

In Less Than 60 Seconds 2:42

Today we are showing you how to edit your Photoshop marketing template in less than 60 seconds! Enjoy our easy to use and custom marketing templates to make your business stand out from the competition.

Customize Your Marketing Template

Like A Pro | Photoshop Tutorial 14:17

We are excited to share with you all our video on how to edit you brand new marketing template like a pro! This Photoshop tutorial really breaks down the ins and out of customizing your digital template like a Photoshop guru!

Photography Slideshows | Weddings & Engagement Photography

Bringing Our Photos to Life

McNay Art Museum Wedding |

Alyssa + Patrick 3:04

Welcome to one of San Antonio’s most iconic wedding destinations, The McNay Art Museum, where we were blessed and left in awe with some of the most amazing photos and moments!

San Antonio Riverwalk Engagement Session |

Kimberly + Robert 2:32

Come join us for Kimberly and Robert’s engagement sessions! It’s definitely one of the most epic Engagement sessions that we have ever been on! We explore SoHo Wine & Martini Bar, San Antonio Riverwalk, and the iconic Hays Street Bridge.

Old San Francisco Steakhouse Wedding |

Kimberly + Robert 2:44

We’re proud to be able to share some special moments from Kimberly and Robert’s wedding at the end of last year. From the beautiful church to the epic photos on the Old San Francisco Steakhouse swing in San Antonio. This day couldn’t have been more perfect!

Gruene Texas Engagement Session |

Esme + Ray 2:05

Beautiful Texas Sunrise with an awesome engaged couple, YES PLEASE! The only thing better was the views that we had in Gruene, Texas for Esme and Ray’s engagement session. Gruene Mill proved to be the perfect backdrop for Esme and Ray’s rustic engagement session.

Eilan Hotel and Spa Bridal Session |

Esmeralda 1:45

Proud to bring you Esme’s amazing bridal at the Eilan Hotel and Spa in San Antonio. The sheer number of times my wife and I made them laugh when setting up to capture a unique photograph. From pulling flower petals from a rose bush to shutting down the large staircase in order to get the photo that Esme really wanted.

Cibolo Nature Center Valentine’s Day

Engagement Session | Kacie + Chris 3:07

What do you do when your client says that they have their hearts set on a SUPER rural area in San Antonio, Texas? You travel to one of the most beautiful locations, Cibolo Nature Center!

Ashley & Daniel Wedding Slideshow |

Pleasanton, Texas 2:54

It was an AMAZING time and you just can’t beat the Country Texas sunsets during the summer! They helped us to capture some amazing photographs that I know they will cherish for many years to come!

The Historic Pearl Brewery

Bridal Session | Alyssa 2:59

What could be more perfect than the perfect day with the perfect weather and a beautiful bride? Alyssa bridal session at the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio provided us with just that!

San Pedro Springs Park

Engagement Session | Christina + Nick 1:46

What do you get when you have a beautiful engaged couple in the OLDEST park in all of Texas… You get absolute Magic!! San Pedro Park in San Antonio, TX was the perfect place to capture some amazing engagement photos.