21 Tips to Make Clients Fall in Love with Your Business (2019)

21 Tips to Make Clients Fall in Love with Your Business (2019)

If only there was a sure-fire way to make clients love your business….

*Cue cheesy infomercial voice* But wait, you CAN make people fall in love with your business!

The best part? You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your clients happy and coming back for more…

Take 5 minutes out of your day to learn some of my frugal and effective techniques to ensure client satisfaction. I guarantee it will be the most influential 5 minutes you spend on your business today. Remember: Happy Clients = more $$$

1. Be Authentic

Above all else ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be authentic. Your individual brand authenticity can be the subtle edge over your competitor. Authentic branding differentiates your small business as a local, family-owned business and is the easiest way to add value to your brand. Even if it means showing off your not so flattering side…

2. Be Attentive to Business Inquiries

Answering questions, emails, and returning calls or voicemails in a timely manner goes a long way in making your client feel valued. Whether it is the initial impression of your business or a follow up question it is essential to make your potential customer base and existing customers feel important for your business to succeed. Word of mouth is one of the easiest ways to bring in new business and maintaining a high customer retention.

3. Implement a Customer Loyalty Reward Program

Small business loyalty programs are, by nature, designed to bring clients back to your door. Whether you offer a business loyalty card, develop a loyalty app, or keep track of loyalty points electronically, you as an owner are telling your clients that you value their business and look forward to continuing a business relationship with them.

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4. Create a Company Referral Program

Along the same lines as the company loyalty program, a strong referral program can greatly boost sales and overall client satisfaction. It’s a win-win. Your client is happy with the special discount or refund, and you, in turn, build your client base and make additional sales! They key here is to ensure you have a strong referral program so you aren’t sinking your business by offering to steep of a discount or giving away refunds before products/services from new clients are guaranteed.

5. Offer Essential, Unique, Products or Services

As a fellow small business owner I know we strive to stay ahead of the curve in all aspects of our business; therefore, we need to offer our clients valuable, state-of-the-art products and services. By offering something that no one else currently has available, you are solidifying your presence as an authority in your market and establishing brand loyalty even if your competitors begin to offer what you currently do.

6. Take the Time to Write a Handwritten Note

Write A Handwritten Note Business Practices

Even though it only takes about 5 minutes, you would not believe the number of small business owners who do not know how to write a professional thank you note. Use our business thank you note template to customize a personal letter for each of your clients. Yes, you can type and print a note or send an email, but there is much greater value in a handwritten letter that comes from the heart. It not only reminds your client that you appreciate their business, but it also helps the client establish a personal connection with your business.

7. Offer FREE Business Advice or Services

Who doesn’t love free things? After all, this is part for the reason why you’re here reading my tips! Hear me out, I am NOT recommending that you give away the whole pie for free, just a big enough piece that makes your client want to come back for more. Think of ways you can help your client improve on a particular area of their business. An easy way of doing this is by creating email blasts. These e-blasts can provide links to valuable articles, show trends in the market, offer a free trial period for a new service; really the possibilities are endless. Wanna know another way to easily reach your client’s? Write brilliant blog posts *wink wink*

8. Create Personalized, Useful Downloadable Content

This goes back to the “something for nothing” principle. If you have knowledge or expertise in your business area, spread it to your clients! Offering content that your client finds useful will keep them coming back to your business for more.

9. Remember Important Milestones

Foster a strong business relationship by remembering the little things: birthdays, kids achievements, business anniversaries, etc. Sending over a card on the holidays keeps your business at the forefront of your client’s mind. Bonus points if the card includes your family in matching onesies.

10. Share Fun, Interesting, on Brand Social Posts

Brand Social Posts Dallas Cowboys

Social media is your time to show off your personality as a small business owner. Not everything needs to be strictly business related. Passionate about a cause? Ready for the weekend? Rooting for your favorite team? Let your audience know what you’re like outside of business hours. #WeDemBoyz

11. Ask for Feedback

What’s better than hearing what you are doing right (or what you can improve on) directly from your clients? Most people are happy to share their customer experience, but if you find that you aren’t getting enough responses, offer a small incentive like a discount on a future product or service.

Customer Feedback San Antonio

Kudos if you already have feedback built into your follow up process. Customer satisfaction helps to give your business a competitive advantage over your competition while also allowing you to build long-lasting customer relationships that could last for many years to come.

12. Develop and Host Your Own Business Website

Even if you aren’t an online retailer, you still need an online business presence. Nowadays companies like Wix and Squarespace make it simple to build your own website with a set of given templates. The downside: you’re pretty limited on what you’re able to do and EVERYONE is offered the same templates.

Host Your Own Business Website San Antonio 2019

Your business could potentially have the same format as a more *cough* exposing business. Don’t want to run into this problem? We’re happy to help build you a stunning business website and offer the same top of the line hosting that we use ourselves.

13. Confirm that Your Website is Up to Date at All Times

There is nothing worse for client retention than having an out of date website. As a small business owner, you should periodically check the accuracy and performance of your website to ensure that the data is correct and everything is working correctly. Sometimes website updates break links or new features go a little wonky so it is essential that you routinely skim through each webpage to look for anything that sticks out. 

Website Maintenance Wordpress San Antonio

Don’t forget to check for small (but critical) business information like hours, phone number, location, or employees. These sections can change often and all too many times are left unedited for years at a time.

14. Foster Networking Opportunities

A great way to guarantee client satisfaction is to hook them up with similar minded small business owners. This costs you absolutely nothing, aids the growth of your client’s business, fosters partnerships, and builds your local economy. By networking with small business owners, you can bounce ideas off of each other, collaborate on projects, or even express your frustrations over similar issues and learn how others solved them. Looking for a great networking opportunity where you can find other entrepreneurs that are all gathered together to help one another accomplish their marketing goals? Check out our exclusive Facebook group called the Bulbaritos that is geared towards small business owners like yourself!

15. Build a Genuine Relationship with Your Client Outside of Your Working Relationship

Yes, you want a professional relationship with your client, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends too! Start small: offer to grab a drink or coffee and chat about business. Eventually, the conversation is bound to swing to personal and family life and you can see another side of your client that you really like. Not an instant bromance? Don’t worry, not every client will turn into a friend. At least you made an effort to bond with them outside of regular business hours.

16. Give Clients Your Undivided Attention

Small business is chaotic, your clients understand this (after all they are in the same boat as you). As a business owner, you need to find a way to tune out family life, prior commitments, and even other clients when you are dealing with a particular client. This doesn’t mean ignoring emails or dodging your wife’s request to put your dirty laundry IN the basket and not on the floor NEXT to the laundry basket (just sayin’), it just means while a client is in front of you don’t let distractions and stressors get to you. For that hour your client should feel like they are the only thing that matters. The dirty laundry can wait…for now.

17. Be Honest

It’s inevitable. At some point in your business, you’re going to screw up. How you handle your mistakes is what will set you apart. Own up to what you did wrong, offer a sincere apology, and find a way to re-establish or repair the relationship you have with your client. This isn’t a ground-breaking concept, but it can go a long way in building brand trust and keeping your clients loyal to your business.

18. Set Expectations, Then Defy Them

You should always aim to offer the best product, fastest service, or newest innovation in your business, but take it a step further by exceeding your client’s expectations. Whether this means delivering a product ahead of schedule, coming up under budget for a project, or offering a more convenient option for your client they will be greatly appreciative and sure to mention their experience to anyone that asks. Don’t leave it up to chance though, if you know they love your business ask for a review!

19. Stay Hungry

Small business owners NEED to stay hungry. Keep striving for innovative solutions to problems, improved products, or more efficient services. By keeping things fresh in your business, it will help alleviate small business burnout and keep your client awaiting the next new development.

20. Make Contacting You Easy

Whether your clients want to contact you for good or bad reasons, you need to make sure that your business contact information is easy to find. On top of having an easy to navigate contact page on your website, you contact information should be available on local and national directories online such as bing or Yellowpages. Not only does this make your info easy to find, it can also boost your website authority.

21. Be Nice!

Last but not least, simply be nice! Even if your client is being an overly demanding jerk, you still need to be a friendly face. When you’re having a bad day don’t take it out on your clients; find a new outlet to relieve stress. Practice yoga, read a book, unplug for a few hours, sleep, whatever will pull you off of the edge. In case you find adorable French Bulldog puppies to be relaxing like I do, check out my Bulbasaur’s official Instagram for a cuteness overload.

Implement these tips on how to make clients love your business and you will be building strong business relationships and creating happy clients in no time!

We dropped the knowledge now it’s your turn to drop us a comment let us know how it went!

Remember that tip about asking for feedback earlier?

We’d love to know what strategy worked best for you and what you found most useful!

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